Equivalent Of War

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"The next dreadful thing to a battle lost is a battle won," by Duke of Wellington. With this statement, Duke is saying that a battle won is just as bad as a battle lost because there are still lives lost and nations are still negatively affected by it. I believe that William James, writer of the Moral Equivalent of War, would agree with Duke's statement. Reason being that James is against war; he lets us know this in his essay as he describes his utopia to be a world in peace. Although, he realizes that it is not likely that nations could bring an end to all wars and that peace would forever remain a part of every nation. Furthermore, William James in his essay admits that," I devoutly believe in the reign of peace and in the gradual advent of some sort of a socialist equilibrium. The fatalistic view of the war-function is to me nonsense...I look forward to a future when acts of war shall be formally outlawed as between …show more content…

Yet ask those same people whether they would be willing in cold blood to start another civil war now to gain another similar possession, and not one man or woman would vote for the proposition. In modern eyes...only when an enemy's injustice leaves us no alternative, is war now thought permissible." This shows that James believes that even though war cannot be removed from the world that people now are starting to see the negatives of war even if you are in the winning side. Now, war is not taken so lightly and cheerfully as before, but instead is thought about more carefully. Unfortunately, a peace economy cannot be reached as James mentioned in his essay, because even from the start of the human race there has always been disputes between different groups of people either about land or

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