Erikson 's Theory Of Development

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People begin to change the priorities of certain aspects in their lives as they age. In late adulthood, people are keeping family and friendships closer than at other times in their lives. Friendships have a great impact in late adulthood mental health (Berk, 2010, p.473). One of the theories that focus in late adulthood is Erikson’s theory of development. It is a theory based on how people develop their identity in a series of stages from infancy to adulthood. The last stage in Erikson’s theory is called ego integrity versus despair. In this final stage, people look back on their past accomplishments in their lives to either accept their satisfaction in the past life or feel regret and despair on the goals they could have accomplished. The ones that succeed in this stage of life are satisfied with their accomplishments and they will feel that they’ve lived a well life. In this stage of life, people will go through different emotions ranging from peacefulness to loneliness. They will have to decide whether or not to rise above the conflicts that come with negative emotions. Laura L. Carstensen, Bulent Turan, Susanne Scheibe, Nilam Ram, Hal Ersner-Hersshfield, Gregory R. Samanez-Larkin, Kathryn P. Brooks, and John R. Nesselroade were all contributors in this cross-sectional study that took over ten years in gathering date. The following hypotheses were tested: “ (1) As people age, positive emotions are increasingly more common than negative emotions. (2) As people age,

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