Erin Brockovich And The King 's Speech

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Both Erin Brockovich and The King’s Speech have strong themes of friendship and finding a voice. These themes not only coexist but work together. In both of these films themes of friendship and finding a voice progress because of the intertwining of the two. In Erin Brockovich, the themes of friendship and finding a voice seem to be at odds, but slowly become woven over the course of the film. Towards the beginning of the film Erin and Ed do not get along at all. This is partly because of Erin’s unwillingness to compromise with anyone. This does not sit well with Ed who is used to getting what he wants because he is a lawyer. The two clash initially, but establish a working friendship which turns into a real friendship by the end of the film. Their friendship is built up as Erin learns more about the case and begins to find her voice in the legal community, despite her lack of schooling. At the beginning of the film, when Ed is Erin’s lawyer for her injury case, they are not on good terms. He claims to be her friend when he meets her. Erin believes that he is being sincere and is angered when he does not seem bothered by losing her case. She asks him, “Do they teach lawyers how to apologize, because you suck at it?” (Erin Brockovich, Soderbergh), indicating that she really believed that they were friends and he would win her case. When she finds out this is not true she looks for work to cover her medical bills and ends up working at Ed’s firm. She practically makes him

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