Ernes '' The End Of Something'

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It's is hard to accept that some things happen for a reason. Sometimes it could be a for the better or other times it can be hard to accept and it can end up leaving a traumatic memory left on our minds . That is how some of the U.S writers had felt during World War 1. They are considered as the Lost Generation as their emotions and thoughts about the world were consider to be unstable because how the war affected them mentally. These writers have written many stories as a way to see their perspective on how they see the world. But their stories all have that something in common. The one trait the Lost Generation all has is that they always have that loss they go through and ends up suffering at the end of the story.

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It starts out with an introduction of the setting, Horton Bay, where it used to be full of lumber but was left with nothing 10 years later. This is where it introduces the two main characters, Nick and Marjorie. While fishing, the two seems to have some disagreements. At the end, Nick tells Marjorie their love isn't fun anymore. Marjorie leaves with the boat only to find Bill coming up to Nick but he told him to go away. There was a loss of communication between Nick and Marjorie, mainly on Nick's part, since he plans to break up with her from the beginning. Nick is trying to avoid the situation by behaving rudely to Marjorie. For example, while they were fishing, Nick complain how Marjorie knows everything. She replies, "Oh, Nick, please cut it out! Please, please don't be that way!". Throughout their dialogue, Marjorie asks Nick what is wrong but Nick tries to avoid the question many times until the very end where he confessed, "It isn't any fun anymore". But in the end, it seems like Nick was suffering after the break up since he told Bill to go away after Bill asks, "How do you feel?" showing that he was discontent with his break up with

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