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ERR Questions Continued
Task 4
Employee Number – Your employee number is a unique number that is individual to you. It allows your employer to have easy access to your online record.
Employer Name – Your employer name is the person who employed you for the position you applied for, most likely your manager. Your employer is the one who gives you your shifts, you’re your wage and has the power to dismiss you.
Tax Code – Everyone has different tax codes based on information such as your annual income and if you have more than one job. When people first start a new job they are often put on emergency tax until their tax code is finalised – any money that has been unnecessarily taxed from you can be claimed back, this is called a tax
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All of this information is stored and locked away in individual files in the manager’s office so that is not accessible for public view, all this information needs to be kept safe and secure to abide by confidentiality regulations. This information is only available to managerial staff when needed.
Task 7
My job role includes ensuring the happiness, wellbeing and safety of all the children I work with and to make sure that I help, together as a team with the other practioners that I work with to provide a stimulating environment where the children can learn and thrive from.
My responsibilities as a trainee nursery practioner include: providing physical and emotion support and care for the

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