Erykah Alternate Ending

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Erykah stared at the old cottage with a catatonic glaze in her eye from the backseat of a cab car. It’s been raining all morning and the usually sandy trail was now muddled and she was really dreading lugging her suitcase all the way to the house. This used to be her piece of paradise but she knew this summer it would definitely be more of a prison, a place shes been exiled to while the papers are finalized. It’s been a year since her parents told her they were getting a divorce and it’s taken that entire time to split up all the belongings and properties and this is what she was given. This little segment of beach and ocean and of course the cottage, spending her summer here by herself is definitely more appealing than staying with her mother while she “finds her groove again”. She never really understood why her parents bought this little house they could barely stand to be around each other in the city; Erykah’s not sure why they ever thought this property would make things better. “Do you need any help with your bags miss?” The cab driver asked and Erykah just shakes her head no she only has one bag. The rest of her stuff is packed in boxes at her old house waiting to …show more content…

The heat made Erykah feel sticky all of her clothes stuck to her skin. It’s not the worst thing especially when she takes off her shirt and shorts opting to sunbathe in her bathing suit instead. Its calming, sitting on the lawn chair with her eyes closed and listening to the ocean. There’s no one else on the beach, its completely secluded and separated from everything and everyone. She dozes off to the sounds of the waves crashing against the shore. She wakes up several hours later her skin now a deep bronze, at least on her front any way she realizes she’ll have to sleep on her stomach tomorrow. She spares a moment to look out at the ocean. That’s when she sees him, a swimmer staring at him. He’s next to the buoy bobbing up and down in plain

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