Escaping Salem Book Questions Answers

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Who are the key people involved in the “the other witch hunt?” what roles do each play in the incident? Specific examples/evidence from book the whole
1) Katherine Branch
a) Servant of Daniel and Abigail Wescot
b) Has fits may or may not be real
c) accuses Disborough and Clawson
i) claims Disborough was her guide to compo there and back ii) accused Clawson of pinching her and later red spots appeared on Kate which later turned into black and blue bruises
d) begins trial and other colonist’s confession to start coming forward because of her
2) Mercy Disborough
a) Accused witch by Katherine Branch
b) Many neighbors accuse her of witchcraft
i) Goody Godfrey and Goodman Benit’s daughter went to visit Mercy Disborough and told her about …show more content…

Kate then popped wide awake and ran outside. Kate then had another fit and they brought her back inside while she was “senseless”. Again they take out the knife and again she suddenly wakes up saying “you’re going to cut me!”

According to Godbeer, what is the local legal process of dealing with Katherine Branch’s “bewitching”?
1) Many people of Stamford watched Kate closely and carried out experiments to ascertain whether her fits were natural, supernatural, or counterfeit. Once everyone was convinced that it was witchcraft, her tormentors had to be identified, evidence had to be gathered, and witnesses willing to speak out.
a) This was risky because most previous trials had not resulted in conviction. If witches were tried, acquitted, and released, they might wreak terrible revenge upon those who had testified against them.

According to Godbeer, what is the colonial legal process of dealing with Katherine Branch’s “bewitching”?
1) Everyone went to trial, suspects, witnesses, judges, magistrates, jurymen, defendants
a) Tried to put together all evidence into either a conviction or not

What does the ending or the conclusion of the trials indicate about the process of “bringing witches to justice” in Puritan New England?
1) Few witches were actually convicted and sentenced to death
a) Of the sixty-one known prosecutions for witchcraft in

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