Esl Learning Strategies For English Language Learners Essay

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2.3 Vocabulary Learning Strategies for English Language Learners Vocabulary acquisition can lead the process of learning to read, comprehend, and write. They all are connected and related to each other because acquisition of vocabulary is an initial process for ELLs to become literate in reading and writing. Knowing and learning new vocabulary words with meanings is a kind of gateway to a new environment and surroundings, and also ELLs feel associated with a new community. Teaching and learning vocabulary with meanings through using different strategies help ELLs to retain meaning of words for a longer period of time; it helps them to advance in academic and social contexts. Incidental vocabulary acquisition is learning in nature that provides three benefits for language learners: First, a stronger grasp on contextual meaning and use of the words, second, the ability to learn vocabulary through the concurrency of two activities, such as reading or listening and vocabulary learning, and third, a learner centered learning process (Shahrokni, 2009). In Shahrokni’s study (2009) 90 Iranian adult learners were divided into three groups depending on results from a standardized English placement test. Each group was given three sessions of instruction on five computerized reading texts including 25 target vocabulary words. The first session focused on becoming familiar with the computer program and provided a demonstration of the program. In the second and

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