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Entry 4-Presently a black family car came roaring around the corner, halting to a stop just in front of the warehouse. Both of my parents immediately got to their feet, waiting expectantly for the doors of the car to open. That was when a man stepped out from the driver’s seat and started towards us, each step purposeful and confident. My Father stood straighter ready to confront and greet our extremely gracious and generous relative. They shook hands solemnly, making direct eye-contact as they discussed what would be happening now that we were finally in America. Even though I only heard snippets of the conversation that was occurring, I concluded that we would be travelling up to a place called New York, where the rest of our family …show more content…

After he finished with me, he did the same to my Father until we were all camouflaged within the confines of the car. Seemingly satisfied with his handiwork, my Uncle revved up the car and began the long drive to New York that would approximately take 36 solid hours. Eventually I began to feel more and more cramped inside that car seat as minutes and then hours proceeded to come and go. As far as I can remember we only stopped once, so that Uncle Alejandro could rest briefly and so that we could massage the stiffness and cramps out of our joints and attend to whatever needs we had. Then we were back on the road, a tedious journey that was extremely dull. Especially since I could barely see through the material of the head of the car seat to look at the sights that would no doubt pass us by. However, I did manage to catch glimpses of a flashing sign, tree, car or house at times, which did make me interested for a second before they would vanish out of view. Occasionally my Uncle looked back at us to check how we were holding up, and even told us some of the names of the places that we had travelled through. Apparently to get to New York we would have to travel 3,884.6km through America. I couldn’t even begin to comprehend what that distance must look like, for I don’t ever remember travelling so far in Mexico, as I had currently travelled in the last week.
Suddenly, interrupting my thoughts, my Uncle whispered to us in

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