Diary Of A Young Girl Adversity Essay

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In the novel The Diary of a Young Girl written by Anne Frank, Anne was a jewish girl living in the age of World War Two. She faced all kinds of adversity as she transitioned into a new life of hiding and survival. It is truly remarkable that a young woman was able to handle this adversity at such a young age. Anne Frank was growing up in the era of Hitler and anti-semitism. She and her family were all accustomed to living a comfortable, normal, and fairly affluent lifestyle. Adolf Hitler, the German dictator of the time, believed that Jewish people deserved to be confined and killed on a massive scale. The Franks moved out of their house only with limited food into a secret room in an office building, cramped together silently with nothing to occupy their minds except each other and books. This silent, stealthy, boring lifestyle made life incredibly difficult for the hyperactive person Anne was. Not only that, she and her family lived in constant fear of being caught. Any small noise would have been enough to separate the family and send them to concentration camps across Europe. Anne had to overcome the adversity of this new lifestyle of fear and absent-mindedness. Secondly, The Franks shared space with other people in hiding. In this instance, food had to be rationed to an extreme. The family did not expect the war to go on for this long. Of course, they could not be free people again until the war was over. Only small bits of food could …show more content…

Anne suffered through this adversity that never seemed to stop at any point in the novel. If the German ascent and takeover had never happened, Anne would have lived as a normal girl. Because of her religion, she went from a nice home living harmoniously with her family to a cramped office space, caged like animals, living in silence and

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