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The building felt hollow despite being made of steel. That was until a booming CLANG!! rang through the dark and silent halls. Following the clang came a hiss of "Shit!" and frantic scrambling to retrieve the dropped object. When his fingers finally touched the cold steel, he breathed a soft sigh of relief and picked up the flashlight. He rotated it until the lit end pointed towards the ground. Then he replaced it between his teeth, his palette slightly disgusted by the metallic taste that overpowered his mouth. He opened the nearest file drawer to him and began going through it. The sound of paper swishing as it brushed against his skin often went its lifetime unnoticed. Yet now the sound could be compared to that of a child's scream. …show more content…

He repeated this pattern over and over, going through every file cabinet. Where his eyes couldn't see as well, his other senses could. He could smell the age of the paper and decide whether the cabinet held documents beyond Arkady Volkov's years or if they smelled crisp, meaning they probably don't have anything about it. His fingers skirted through each paper, never missing a page, and knowing when they had. His ears remained alert, listening for sounds outside his own breathing and movement. Where his fingers and nose couldn't see, he used the flashlight and his eyes. And his taste? Well, it told him never to try to eat a flashlight in the future. He searched through all the cabinets, taking only the information about Arkady Volkov and making sure he left nothing behind. Each document he found went into the briefcase, which became heavier with each document placed inside. He could have left something behind, but what? The information was far too valuable he had to erase Volkov's existence forever. When he was positive he had cleaned out the entire office area of documentation about Volkov, he stood to his full height, grunting as he lifted the briefcase. He might as well strain his back over some papers, which just sounded stupid. Placing the flashlight in his chest pocket, he replaced it with a pistol drawn from his utility belt. He headed for the exit, taking a moment to look back at the office area. The place looked

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