Essay About Crime

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As he was walking home from a long day at work, he thinks about what he would do if he was rich. Oh, how much he would want to be rich instead of working in a warehouse with low pay in the 1950s. This man thought about if trying to rob a bank would be easy, but he decided not to and had to simple of a mind to do anything complex. Then something came to mind, he could kill an individual that had a great amount of money that could make anybody happy. But how could he acquire this money just by killing someone, it seemed impossible until an idea came to his head. Every since he was he always had an affection for magic, he even knew a few tricks, but the best thing he was good at was illusion. The plan could only be created by the smartest so …show more content…

“What’s the situation officer,” I ask the policeman that arrived on the scene before me. “It seems to be that no one broke in, but we don’t know anything else,” he respond to me with a solid tone. Hmmmm, thats weird. I swore that day that the anonymous said that there was a break in, and I don’t see any sign of a break in at all. We the police organized a group to break down the door, but I got bored and decided to break it down myself. It wasn’t hard, in fact, I just opened it. I begin to start walking but I notice something. The house looks like a tornado went through the inside of the house. I begin to search the house to see what the call was about and find a very unusual sighting. The was a vault inside the house, but it was open and seemed to be just an endless void. I notice some rigidity stair that seems to have a few broken floor boards that seemed snapped or broken. Careful as I could I begin making my way up them seeing if I could find anything else. I start wondering through the endless corridors that seem to have been pointless, until I found it, what we were called about. The corpse had a red ooze flowing throughout and over it. My detective senses begin to kick in and I start labeling parts of the body that seemed reasonable to look over. Then something caught my eye. I saw blood spots trickling away from the body and into a bathroom. I followed the trail

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