Essay About Fear

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The fee for government burial is ten dollars. Dickie overheard this in the other room he wasn’t dead and didn’t want to be. He tried to get up but the liquid that they gave him was starting to make him really drowsy he couldn’t feel his legs his eyes were starting to close on him. Everything was starting to go dark. “This is it.” Dickie thought, then everything went dark But the next day Dickie woke up in a small room there were no windows there was only one light which was in the middle of the room. When his eyes adjusted better he seen that there were other kids there to he counted about 9 and they were all as confused and scared as he was. “ Does anyone know what is going on.” Dickie asked, no reply. This meant nobody knew what was …show more content…

The bus was cold and moist inside when we got in the sergeant assigned us a partner and said that we would stay together they would sleep together and eat together and work together if anyone stepped out of line they would be shot the partner I got was lean with brown hair and brown eyes looked like he played sports When I sat down he asked me if i wanted to get out of this place at first i thought he was talking to someone else but then I realized he was talking to me and I answered with “Of course.” “Then stay with me as soon as we get off the bus,” the boy replied. So when the bus stopped i got out when he got out and followed him there were two other kids with us we waited until everyone was ahead of us before we started to talk. They started to talk about sneaking out when it was dark. “We will continue going along with this thing and scout the area where we could sneak out,” said the boy. So of course we all acted like nothing had happened and continued our day getting bunks and getting registered which took forever because they searched us multiple times that is when i saw it it was a big gap in the fence right next to where we were at. I would tell the other kids then the served us lunch I found the group of kids near a building that i didn’t

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