Essay About My Best Friends

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Best friends forever we said. We pinky promised it would be for a lifetime, but I learned that some things change. Faith and I had the average friend relationship when we were younger. We would tell each other secrets, help each other with homework, have slumber parties and play dates, and just be fun kids together. Since we were in preschool, we were always there for each other through the ups and downs of childhood. We loved each other like no other, or so I thought. It started off as one of my favorite days in the world. It was mid December, the snow fell for what seemed like hours on end. I always have loved these days. The ones where you sit at home with your family at night and drink hot chocolate while the snow is falling outside. My birthday was a couple days before, while Christmas would soon come after. Christmas songs heard all over; on the radio, at home, in school, it was such a joyous time of year. I couldn’t be more happier. Laying in bed late at night, I received a text message from faith. This wasn’t an unusual occurrence as faith and I talked quite often. Half asleep I started reading the message. Assuming it was some secret that she just found out about our classmates, or a funny meme, I didn't think I had anything to worry about. That was until I saw the words “terrible friend”. She wrote that we shouldn't be friends anymore and how she hasn't liked me for a while, that I was a terrible friend who only thought about myself. Immediately I sat up,

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