Essay About My Birthday

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I was so happy that today had finally arrived; our 18th birthday! Not only were we happy, but so glad to finally be able to have the Dodge Challenger's our parents got us for our first car! Raven and I were so alike in many ways, mostly because we were born as twins. I always look up to Raven, mostly, because he is my cool twin brother, and because he was a great role model to look up to, even if he is my twin brother.
We look forward to this day for months on end, because today we would be able to open our $50,000 presents that our parents bought us, and because we were finally going to see our relatives from Florida. When they got off the plane from Florida we happily greeted them with smiles and open arms. Once we were home from the airport, Raven and I were surprised with a surprise party. We were in such surprise that we didn’t know how to react to the warm welcome home. All of our friends were at the party, even Raven’s girlfriend. All of our friends had filled up the house, along with some of their parents. Our aunt Traci and uncle Jeff had made an appearance at the party, but was with the dad majority of the party. With only an hour left of the party our cousin Dimitri had shown up for work. Raven and I ran over to our cousin happily knowing that the party had to continue now that he was at the party.
“Happy birthday guys!”
“Thanks Dimitri”, Raven said happily, “we’re so happy you could come to the party!”
Soon after the party was over Dimitri noticed that we had

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