Essay On My Birthday

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I woke up early Saturday morning excited yet very nervous. It was July twenty-second which meant the day I found out if I could really ride. My boyfriend Zach and a couple of buddies from work decided that a trip to Haspin was the perfect way to celebrate Josh’s twenty-first birthday. It was supposed to be a big group that would go but ended up just being five us.
The drive down was fun and had been quite interesting. Zach and I drove separate so we were able to leave once we were done riding. Once we were close to Haspin we all started to do stupid stuff. At one point after we were on a back road Cameron had stuck his head out the window and just waved at us for a little bit. After that Josh decided to heed Cameron’s example and he sat on his window just grinning and waving at us. To join in on the fun I opened my sunroof and stood up. In the midst of us all just being dumb and acting ridiculous a car matt flew out of the truck bed and almost hit me. That was the start of our fun filled day at Haspin.
Once we got to Haspin I could not stop shaking with excitement and a little bit of fear. We had to sign waivers in order to ride. That to my surprise did not bother me at all. I was more afraid and nervous that I was going to embarrass myself in front of the guys because I did not believe I was going to be a good enough rider. I have always grown up riding 4-Wheelers but I never did anything like what Haspin was. We never wasted any time once everything was off the trailer.

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