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People assign importance to objects to feel comfort and safety. My object is my dog Jeorgie (yes, it is spelled like that). He is small, about five pounds, and very light brown color, almost yellow. Jeorgie has big eyes, which makes him fall into the “puppy eyes” stereotype. He is very little with short, skinny legs. Jeorgie is a very cowardly dog, not from trauma, but he is a chihuahua so it is understandable. Though really fearful, her is a brave and courageous. To me, the most distinctive trait Jeorgie has is a white dot at the center of his forehead, between his eyes, almost like a bindi. Having a pet has taught me some of the most important life lessons - love, companionship, and accepting death when the time comes - and the pets presence in a child's life, to me, helps them understand life and work it out. …show more content…

I was around fourteen/fifteen and my nieces ranging from 10 - 13. The weather that day was sunny, maybe around fall or beginning of winter with the icy breeze flowing around. We were outside and I could see typical neighborhood things - like houses, bushes, and trees. The one strange thing about that day was, there was little movement. When I say this, I mean, there was nothing that really made noise. There were no cars, no sirens in the distance, no people talking, just the sounds of the leaves from the trees. We were all walking and we seen a dog walking across the street from us. Me, not really interested in dogs at the time, payed little attention to it, but then we spotted the very tiny puppy following. The older dog seemed to pay little attention to the puppy following it. The puppy was so small, it could barely jump from the street onto the sidewalk and, after petting it and letting him follow the older dog, we soon forgot of the small dog and began to walk home. They soon followed us, causing my nieces to be in awe and choose to keep

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