Essay About Obama Foreign Policy

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The foreign policy right now is the Obama-Biden plan. This plan was meant to end the war against Iraq and America, also put an end to the fighting between al Qaeda and Taliban. In addition secure all nuclear weapons and the nuclear materials from the terrorists. The main goal to all of these aspects would be to ultimately come to a place where peace can be formed. Nuclear weaponry is a big concern for Americans, terrorist attacks can happen at any point in time. Luckily Obama and Senator Dick Lugar passed a law to help detect when someone is trying to smuggle weapons throughout the world. Something else our president invested a lot of time and money into is the Energy Security, he invested $150 billion in renewable energy systems and products. …show more content…

I would have to say he has done an overall good job in being our president, I say this because along with all of the bad, and the huge economy downfall back in 2008 he has found ways keep our country uplifting and in the best shape possible. He captured Osama Bin Laden and had him assassinated, this does not sound like a good thing; to have a man killed. But if one man being dead can save 1000 other mens lives, and help keep America safe its worth it. He strengthened our healthcare, he not only made it affordable to those who never thought they would be able to go to the doctor again, Obamacare also helped the entire country stay out of even more debt by this program. He has also helped strengthen our relationships with foreign countries, this is always a good thing because you never know when you might need some help. Us being good allies with foreign countries is like a best friend having your back in a fist fight. in addition to helping keep our country safe, he has gotten many troops who were in Iraq home safely to their families. Because of his policies 11,472,000 of Americans have left the work force since he became president; and 20% of people were on food stamps in 2013. The economy has been getting better since then but numbers are still fluctuating. Overall I believe Barack Obama has done a

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