Essay About Outsiders

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Dex: “Hey kid, how you holding up?” walking over to Evan and putting his hand on his shoulder.
Evan: “I’m fine just trying not to think about it you know.” wiping oil off of his face
Dex: “You know it’s ok to talk about it right.”
Shades walking over carrying two cups, handing one over to Evan.
Evan: “Like I said I’m fine old man.”
Shades: “How come he gets to call you old man, where if someone else does it you threaten to beat them up?”
Dex: “Because this little punk is one, my 3 kids.”
Shades: “I didn’t know you had kids.”
Dex: “I don’t really they were all kinda adopted. I trained those punks to be some of the best of the best.” he said with a slight laugh, kicking Evan who was still on the floor, who immediately punched him back. …show more content…

Let me tell you it’s not a task that should be taken lightly.”
Shades: “Take it that was our local flyboy.”
Dex: “Yes he was one of them and he was the best at it. Evan also quickly becomes attuned in his mid and close range fighting styles, but the other two had the expertise in other places. Julius was Good with midrange guns but excelled in hand to hand combat. Where Summer, Evan’s little friend was a fiery redhead, with a personality to match it. She loved her sniper rifles I have only seen a few people shot with her, you included in that group.”
Shades: “I have never met anyone that was close to me in that field.”
Dex: “That’s because it takes a rare breed of people to be able to make the shots that you do. With all that training done it was time, we started to make a name for ourselves out there for everyone else to see, and that name was the Black Court.”
Shades: “Wait you are the Black court!”
Dex: “Sure am” pulling up his sleeve to show that tattoo of an A on his right arm. “Evan has a K on his arm, Brain a J, and Summer had a Q.”
Shades: “I was assigned to your case, I always somehow seemed to be one step behind you all the time. The little notes didn’t help with my sanity either.”
Dex: “Ha the kids always got quite the laugh out of it they liked to play games on the way to the destination guessing what you all did

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