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Pulo Cinta (Love Island)
Located in District of Boalemo, Pulo Cinta is a mainstay of Indonesia International tourism in Gorontalo Province. This island is in the middle of the sea and shapes like a heart lobe. The island is accommodated with several floating resorts that are very exclusive, and certainly, show the exoticism of the charming sea. Pulo Cinta Gorontalo has been already familiar in the ears of the foreign traveler as "Maldives van Gorontalo".
Pulo Cinta was commenced by Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs of Indonesia. Not only has the heart-shaped, the island also has an incredible romantic history where the struggle of a secret love of Prince Gorontalo and a daughter of a Dutch merchant happened. It is called a secret love because when there was a battle between local people and the Dutch, this Island became a place for the lovebirds meet and forget the dispute between the two countries. So that, Pulo Cinta was a rendezvous of the two lovers who fell in love with a sweet secret escape.
Currently, Pulo Cinta has built the first eco resort with 15 cottages that surround the heart-shaped island. It consists of one bedroom cottage, two bedrooms cottage, and three bedrooms cottage. Therefore, you can feel like being on a private island. Each cottage is included a terrace, living room, …show more content…

Named the Goa Jin (Gennie Cave) because of the dark cave shape that surpassing erectly to the down in 22 meters depth. Besides Goa Jin, there is a spot where becoming a favorite diving lover in Olele namely Salvador Dali which has a sponge (cavity) charming coral reef. The name is derived from the famous Spanish painter known for his surreal arts because the coral reef’s cavity looks like Salvador Dali’s painting. Other diving spots are coral pole, beehive (hive-shaped coral), or traffic

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