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“Okay, that’s the last scent marker,” Berrynose announced, stepping away from the edge of trees that acted as the border between WindClan and ThunderClan. The cream-colored tom padded back to the rest of the patrol, arching his back as he stretched. “Should we hunt before we head home? I’m starving, and the Clan could always use the extra food.” Warm afternoon sunshine fell through the canopy of leaves overhead, dappling the forest floor in light and shadow; a pleasant breeze whispered through the branches, making the pattern dance and dip. It was a lovely day in early summer, and Dovewing, along with the rest of the border patrol consisting of Cloudtail, Berrynose, and Rosepetal, simply sat and observed the beauty of the …show more content…

“That’s a good idea, Berrynose,” her grandfather replied, bringing Dovewing back to reality. “Our patrol is over, and the Clan always needs to be fed. I’m sure Cinderheart would appreciate a mouse or rabbit.” The gray tabby had recently announced that she and Lionblaze were expecting their first litter together, much to the happiness of ThunderClan. Kits were a sign of hope, of life persevering in the face of darkness. Life will move on. Rosepetal, a pretty dark cream molly, jumped to her feet. “Berrynose, let’s see if we can track down something for Cinderheart,” she called, trotting towards the forest. “I’m sure Purdy would appreciate a juicy mouse as well.” As her half-brother began to follow her, the wind shifted and suddenly the smell of fox overwhelmed Dovewing. The entire patrol froze, and Cloudtail parted his jaws to taste the air. “Its close,” he announced, claws digging into the soil. “Could be on WindClan territory, but its nearby.” “We should drive it away before it comes any closer,” Berrynose snarled, his tail lashing. Cloudtail only shook his head. “If its WindClan’s problem, let them solve it,” he replied, turning to leave. “We can’t gross the borders to go after it anyways. Let Onestar deal with it.” The snapping of a breaking branch rang through the forest, followed by a low, raspy growl. Dovewing’s heart hammered, and she unsheathed

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