Essay About The Stolen Car

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My name’s William Daniel Jenkins, but people just call me Bill. Well, they call me Sleuth more actually. I’m a detective alright. Not a single case has been uncracked if i’m involved. I’m what you’d call a stereotypical detective. I own a small office in a large office building in Downtown Belmere, I constantly get people in my office each day, always for cases that any idiot with a work ethic could crack. Heck, even the policemen could do some of these. However, this is not the’20s. My office is in a modern office building in Elmer Office building. To be exact: room B84. Butch Elmer, the wealthiest in the city keeps this building in great shape. After solving the case about the stolen car, I needed a break. Saying that, I was not …show more content…

Once you have, my name should give you the location. -Anonymous”

Our first interview was a man named Dr. Randy Dobson. He voluntarily came to my office, rather than being arrested. He claimed to have seen Herbie Pollock with a cigarette, and a lighter two minutes before the fire occurred. Also,he said that Butch Elmer himself sent him to tell me that he would like to talk to me.

I met Butch Elmer in his office on the top floor of the Elmer Office Building, Which is his office (His house is the three floors below it). He welcomed me with some black coffee, and discussed his findings. He claims to have seen three wrecked Police vehicles hidden in a ditch on the way to an associate's apartment. He says it was on a side road nobody uses, and hidden in the large ditch really well. This started to make me suspicious of him, because nobody uses OakTree Drive. He said he wanted me to investigate the area for anything people missed.

We arrived at the place in about 20 minutes. I easily found the cars. Having a keen eye is essential if you want to be a detective. I investigated the first car, the one sideways in the ditch. The Back right tire was blown, and the glass was shattered. I climbed in and found a half sketch of a man. According to the sketch, the man was slim, and had a collared, blue shirt. His head was somewhat square as well. However, it was incomplete and that was all that the

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