Essay Comparing Anthem Of Doomed Youth And Come On Come Back

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A comparison between Anthem of Doomed Youth and Come on Come Back is that both poems are about the glorification of the war and the loss of lives due to conflict and both poems convey this through the use of their language features. In Come on Come Back a profound sadness and despair which shows the harmful effect of the loss of life in war and the horror of the glorification of war is communicated through language and sounds, which produces an elegy of loss that extends far beyond any conflict or battle whereas in Anthem of Doomed Youth the author relies heavily on Christian imagery and juxtaposing symbols which are related to Christian burial such as: bells, candles and images of the slaughter house “die as cattle” in order to shock the reader…show more content…
A comparison between both these poem is how the glorification of war can lead to dehumanization as in Come on Come Back the odd use of the adjective “adorable” shows the audience the glorification of the war by reminding us of the brutal and inhumane situation where people have been dehumanized and violated to such an extent that relief in death makes the lake “adorable” just like a new born baby is adorable and the linguistic signs are estranged from their meaning which shows how glorification of war has destroyed the meaning of the world and the respect that we once had for the sanctity of life. This can be compared to the poem Anthem of Doomed Youth where the passing bell is a sign to the community about someone that has sacrificed their life for the country and is a signal that should have prayers said for the departed but this no longer sounds and it’s human and divine function is replaced by “only by gun and rifle fire” which shows the glorification of the war because the personification of the weapons and the war shows the chilling lack of humanity and dehumanization that is caused by the glorification of
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