Essay Explaining The Blacklivesmatter Movement

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Explaining the BlackLivesMatter and AllLivesMatter Movement The #BlackLivesMatter movement against police brutality has met resistance in the form of a counter-movement of sorts called the #AllLivesMatter movement. The nature of modern social movements, particularly visible here through active social media work, makes both movements broad and diverse. The movements however are unfriendly to each other and conflict each other. Their focus is different, but in many ways they are the same. This essay emphasizes the differences of the movements and why these movements have originated to the forefront of today’s media. This essay examines about the actions that resulted in the creations of these movements, and discusses how an encounter between the two movements could indicate to a more agreeable way to move forward. The movement #BlackLivesMatter, meanwhile it is due to this movement that the #AllLivesMatter …show more content…

They are both well recognized, as well as being supported by politicians in the recent election. But in the end, they are each fighting for the same overall goal, which is to rid this country of social injustice and police brutality, as it happens to people of all ethnicities and race, not just specifically focusing on one particular race. #BlackLivesMatter often criticizes #AllLivesMatter for being too conservative and not looking at the core of the issues #BlackLivesMatter wants to raise and vice versa. But outside of the media images, though #BlackLivesMatter has rightly brought up a pressing issue and highlighted its particular injustices to the African American population, it can take from #AllLivesMatter’s criticism in more actively recognizing and advocating against police brutality in its varied forms affecting members from other, generally underrepresented, groups including Latinos, Arabs and

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