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For many people work has taken up most of their lives. Most people see coworkers more than they see their family. They spend more time in a desk, or at work, than they spend in their own houses. They are living in a world where huge companies are failing. Downsizing, store closings, restructering, scandals, all of these are own the front page almost everyday. What can a worker do about this? How can a person be safe and secure? How far will someone go to help their company? Will they ignore their own moral compass?
There was a time that if a mechanic could get enough work to support their family. They could get a job at a chain garage and get constant work and receive an adequate pay for the work. But times change and …show more content…

Investors from Wallstreet started putting their money into companies that could make money. Long term goals were put out the window. Short term goals, profits over everything, was the most important goal. Eventually this gets caught and the company loses it’s customer base. Today Sears is almost out of business. The same cheating goes on in white collar careers like lawyers. Knowing they can’t be promoted to become partners, lawyers find other ways to make money, The main practice is through billable hours. They round up on their time with a client. They make up numbers when they need to. They ‘borrow’ time from next month and charge the client this month, promising they will make up the borrowed time later. Eventurally they stop paying back the borrowed time. But why does this happen in white collar careers? Have they always been doing this or has something changed for them? Can a cultural that has been corrupted for many decades even centuries be fixed? In the fifties and sixties corporations had a more laid back role. They had long term goals. They weren’t bothered by shareholders. They had labor unions that kept them in check. Making and keeping customers were their main focus. Then things changed. Investors from Wall Street changed the landscape of shareholders. Gone were the days where people would invest in a company and keep the stock until they retired. Labor unions lost their support

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