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Over the past few decades the United States has moved away from its libertarian roots and has moved closer to an oligarchy ran by the few. In this way it is a government for the people, rather than by the people. One specific event has changed American politics forever, this was the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center. On this day, the United States came under direct attack by terrorists. In the months and years after, the government pounced on the opportunity to grow government under the false pretense of “security” through the Patriot Act and invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. As a result, average working class American citizens are now forced to fund a perpetual War on Terror and hand over their private communication …show more content…

In response to these horrific attacks on Americans, Former President George W. Bush used the tragedy as a moment to seize more government power. Rather than assassinating the individual terrorists, President Bush and Congress went overboard and claimed that the United States needed to lead a campaign to eliminate terror across the globe. Although this goal sounded relatively simple, the ramifications were much more complicated. Immediately following 9/11, President Bush requested an authorization for the use of military force against groups and nations supporting terror. In response, Congress passed these authorizations for military force prior to War in Iraq and Afghanistan (Bovard). Although President Bush had good intentions in such a stressful period, his decisions were not a good course of action.
Over time, these congressional authorizations have become precedents for Presidents to exert military force without consenting Congress. The issue is that the President does not have the authority to declare war. The constitution explains that the branches of government are separate and there must be checks and balances. How can there be checks and balances when the Congress delegates the military to another branch of government? The president is meant to enforce the laws of the land, but not declare war or create legislation.
The next major response to September 11th was the implementation of the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act was advertised as a national

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