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It was a mundane, depressing day in El Segundo, California. After finishing my day in El Camino College, I returned back home in my 2006 Honda Civic to my mother, who as usual scolded me for not mending to a natural disaster of my room. I simply shrugged, and got on my computer to relax on my computer. I was browsing my favorite website 4chan, when an anonymous user posted a very fishy link to a japanese website called ,¨ ”. Since I am a person whose curiosity would kill him eventually, I clicked on the link. It lead me to a Japanese site with a picture of a cut salmon on the very top. I was very confused, so I kept scrolling down to the bottom, where I found a translation for a block of …show more content…

I took a drive past Main St., and into Sepulveda Blvd. to reach LAX. I got out of my car in the parking lot, not caring about any parking tickets that would be given to me, because I knew it wouldn’t matter. I bought my ticket to Tokyo, which costed about $800. I got checked by the TSA as usual, even though I had no luggage on me. I then strided to a seat, where I sat down for about 4 hours in anxious stress. It was time. Gate 50A had opened, and so I went along. I got on the plane, and I blacked out. By the time I got out, we had reached the Haneda airport in Tokyo, Japan. I got off with motion sickness, praying that I would not be kidnapped. I then exited the airport, taking the metro to Granpark Plaza. Then, I took a walk past the bustling city, seeing the people leading busy lives. I felt happy, as I knew I was doing this for the better of myself. I then saw the bridge, my ultimate fate. To reach the bridge I made my way past Shibaura and Old Kaigan Dori. I then went trotting to the center of the bridge, then I saw a note taped to it. When I opened the paper, it said,” You Obeyed”. It was Nighttime in Tokyo, the city was bustling, but then I would soon meet a more sinister darkness. The one of someone putting a dank, black bag on my head and sedating me. I awoke in a room with beige walls, in front of me was a table with a warm, black tea and an empty white china plate. Then, a salmon appeared on the exact center of the plate. At

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