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The Write Way to Create a Story Before humans invented writing, we passed stories by word of mouth. When the ancient humans did invent writing, then only a handful of people could write, and not a large number of them used this writing to create stories. However, nowadays, almost anyone can write, so why not apply that to creating a brilliant story stemming from your own imagination? Writing can become a wonderful pastime, or maybe just something that can help boost your English grade. It may seem complicated at first, however, writing stories are soon so simple that this formula becomes a habit - a habit that you will probably find enjoyable. The first step before any story can begin is to have a story, but even before that, one must …show more content…

To begin, you need to know where and when the story takes place, otherwise known as the setting. Furthermore, you should think about whether or not this will change, and just keep that in mind. For setting, there are generally three options on how to describe it. A few authors describe everything in detail, others only describe the general place, or they do a mix of the two. It doesn't matter the way you choose to write, just be sure that your reader understands where the character is, for otherwise they will not be able to follow the story. Along with where, you need to know when. The when of a story isn't always too important, just keep it consistent, unless the time changes. For example, if you're writing a story in 1896, you do not want to have characters communicating via cell phone. Besides setting, you need to know your characters. There are three types of characters: the protagonist, the antagonist, and the side characters. The protagonist is the main character or characters the story follows, and they are not necessarily virtuous. In contrast, the antagonist is the main object having a conflict with the protagonist, and they are not necessarily evil either, nor always a person. Finally, the side characters are exactly what they sound like: characters on the side that provide as background or other story elements, who aren't always that important. Moreover, for all main characters, you must assure that they have personalities, as well as

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