Essay On Abusive Relationships

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An abusive relationship,what is it? An abusive relationship is a relationship in which you are being physically, mentally, or emotionally abused by your significant other. Most people in abusive relationships don’t seek help or tell anyone, why? There can many reasons as to why a person won’t seek help, tell anyone, or simply leave. To the person being abused it’s extremely hard, seeing from their point of view is nearly impossible to do. Being with someone who hurts or harms you like that seems stupid and the easiest solution should be to leave. To the victim leaving isn’t easy, in fact it seems like the hardest thing to do. The victim may not leave or seek help because of fear. Fear that the abuser can kill them, make their life seem like a living hell, or the fear to be single and alone There’s more than just fear sometimes people in these relationships truly love the abuser. The victim can believe that the abuser will change, and they only hurt them out of love. It seems silly and stupid to most people, but when you really look at it isn’t silly or stupid, it’s a serious and horrible matter.
One in three people in the U.S is a victim of physical, sexual, mental, emotional or verbal abuse from a dating partner. Most of the victims in these relationships are reported as adolescents or very young
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Sometimes people become depressed after dealing with the abuse, and other times they may attempt suicide. The victims may result to substance abuse, develop an eating disorder, or may even become like their abuser and abuse or harm a person they come into a relationship with next. Not only may they become like their former abuser, but being in an abusive can ruin future relationships for the victim. Sometimes people don’t pursue new relationships, and isolate themselves from family or friends. Only 33% of people in abusive relationships ever come forward or told someone about the
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