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Aching Muscles

Typically you turn to those handy, but smelly, creams and sprays and pick up a bottle of painkillers. This may be necessary for serious injuries, but if it's just a case of an aching muscle (after a difficult workout or a rough sleep) then you can instead turn to a handy home remedy.

Make sure you have tart cherry juice on hand because this is the perfect way to reduce inflammation and get some relief from your aching body. In 2010 a study discovered that two glasses of cherry juice a day in the week running up to a race was enough for runners to see a 67% decrease in post-workout aches and pains ( We'd call that a win.


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We're not all lucky enough to know exactly when one is upon us and that the tablet should be taken and then suddenly, it's too late. This is where a handy home remedy can come in.

Ginger and feverfew can reduce migraine pain in just two hours! Feverfew comes from a bush that has flowers that are similar to daisies. These are used to create the elixir and when combined with ginger you have a powerful remedy on your hands. It's believed that ginger takes care of the inflammation problem, while feverfew blocks the migraine triggers.

Of course, you can also try this remedy for a standard headache. If it can take out a migraine it can certainly help you kiss a headache goodbye.

The Common Cold

We always hear people say there will never be a cure for the common cold. So, we head to the supermarket and browse the medicine aisle buying cough syrup, throat lozenges, painkillers, and buy shares in tissue companies. Here's the thing about those remedies – they're not going to help you get better faster, all they do is relieve the symptoms. Of course, when you're in the middle of a cold any relief is welcome, so we get why you rush to buy them.

However, there are home remedies that can shorten the life of your cold. Echinacea is a big one. While many people pooh-pooh the herbal remedy, studies have found that it does in fact give your immune system a helpful boost which often halves the life of a cold

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