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Action Research Plan
The participants for this study will be students in a fourth-grade direct instruction program for reading at Soaring Heights School, Clearfield, PA. Soaring Heights School is an alternative placement school for students with Emotional Disturbance or Autism Spectrum Disorder. The school has strict licensure regulations that require both populations to be educated separately. Therefore, the participants chosen for this study will be students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). “Current research indicates that DI is a promising practice for students with ASD” (Cadette et al., 2016). Although the school is an alternative placement setting, the students are required to take the same assessments as students …show more content…

Four of the students are of a low-socio-economic status and are being raised in a single parent family. Two of the students are being raised by both parents in a moderate-income level family.
Selection of the participants will be the existing fourth grade level reading class. The teacher researcher has a personal stake in her students’ academic success and identifies this class as the ideal population for this study because of their lower level reading ability. School wide parental consent was obtained prior to the implementation of the SRA Curriculum, therefore parental consent will carry over to this study. Each of the students were given the SRA direct instruction curriculum placement testing for reading in August 2017, and scored at the fourth-grade reading level. The students were also given the Kauffman Test of Academic Achievement, Second Edition, (KTEA II) in May. The KTEA provides a more precise level of achievement (e.g 4.2 meaning the second month of fourth grade). Therefore their scores from the reading comprehension subtest will also be considered for placement purposes as well as to determine overall achievement at the end of the intervention. The study will take place over one nine week marking period. The purpose of this study is to measure individual growth before, during, and after remediation utilizing the direct instruction curriculum. Due to the limited number of students available for this study, there will be one sample group of six

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