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They're less likely to finish high school, they're less likely to finish college if they get in. As they get into adulthood, they're more likely to have more jobs over the course of 10 years, they're more likely to be divorced, and they're more likely to declare bankruptcy. So you can see that the progression of ADHD and its life impairments change as the age of the patient changes. In childhood we focus on academic and social outcomes. In adolescence, we're looking at substance abuse and pregnancy, impulsive criminal behavior, and driving outcomes. In the adult, we look at unstable employment history, financial difficulties, and disrupted if not terminated marriages.” Goodman urges any individuals who may have ADHD to go get seen by a …show more content…

Accommodationsrepresent adjustments to standardized instructional practices or assessment conditions that are designed to reduce the effects of a child’s disability by allowing him/her to participate more fully in instruction and to better demonstrate their knowledge and skills (Fuchs et al., 2000). The assumption is that an effective accommodation should minimize the functional impairment associated with a student’s disability but should notaffect the performance of a nondisabled student (Tindal & Fuchs, 1999)...Extended time, the most commonly administered accommodation for students with ADHD (Schnoes et al., 2006), has received the most empirical attention; however, findings regarding the effectivenessof extended time for these students are mixed. Brown, Reichel, and Quinlan (2011), for instance, demonstrated that receipt of extended time was associated with better scores on a passage comprehension measure among adolescents with ADHD; however, this study provided no comparison group of typically developing peers to evaluate whether the students with ADHD received a “differential boost” in performance (Tindal & Fuchs, 1999) from this accommodation. Several studies that have compared students with ADHD to their typically developing peers have suggested that extended time may not differentially benefit these

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