Essay On Adolf Hitler

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Who was Adolf Hitler?
Adolf Hitler, the leader of the Nazis, was the most powerful dictator of the 20th century. Adolf was the leader of Nazi Germany from 1934-1945. Adolf Hitler was born in Braunau am Inn, Austria on April 20,1889. He put fascist policies in place that led to World War II and the deaths of at least 11 million people. Of the 11 million people, an estimated 6 million Jews were killed in a mass murder. After WW1 Hitler relocated to Munich. Hitler replaced Brexter as the Nazi party chairman in 1921. From 1933 to the start of WW1 Hitler and his Nazi government instituted laws and regulations to exclude Jews in society. Hitler’s leadership was very significant to Germany and the German people because he took big risks and was outspoken about what he had to say.
Hitler’s leadership was very important Hitler’s leadership was very important, because he took big risks such as starting the Germans workers party. By doing so, he was able to take over Austria, Czechoslovakia. When Hitler would take high risks, Germans thought that he had their best interests in mind, but in reality it was the complete opposite. For example, when Hitler had broken the rules of the Treaty of Versailles their army was held to only 100,000 soldiers. Hitler earned significant leadership because when he took over Austria, Czechoslovakia it had opened many new jobs and opportunities. Anschluss was the annexation of Austria into Nazi Germany on March 12, 1938. Some of the German people
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