Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Globalization

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After my in-depth analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of globalization I’ve concluded that the above statement is untrue. My opinions have largely been shaped and formed by the works which I have referenced but I find they remain authentic in their perspective. I believe that Globalization’s consequences have been primarily positive for developing countries. Although I am against the above statement I do not believe the consequences to be completely positive. There have undoubtedly been many defects as a result of globalization but they do not out-weigh the positive effects on the economies of the developing countries. Without Globalization developing countries would lack much of the political, health and education services, trade, developments in technology and environmental factors that they have to date, which I will discuss throughout this essay. Without it developing countries would not have been able to access the markets of developed countries which have boosted the quality of life, economic growth and productivity in developing countries. However, Globalization has also increased problems such as inequality, pollution, unemployment and the spread of diseases which are all…show more content…
The advantages gained from it are not equal as the wealthy are gaining more wealth and the poor are becoming poorer. However, it can be seen in any society that a relatively small amount of people enjoy an inordinate amount of income or power. (Rapley, J. 2004, pg 25). For example, “at the end of the 1990s, Mexico’s richest billionaire had more than the combined incomes of the country’s seventeen million poorest citizens. Similarly, the two hundred richest people of the United States of America were together worth more than China with its billion plus citizens.” (Rapley, J. 2004, pg
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