Essay On Ain T I A Woman

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My third essay will compare the delineation of black women in Sojourner Truth’s,”Ain’t I a Women” to the white women represented in “Yellow Wallpaper”.Particularly , I will examine the oppression of women before the 1920s in both stories, but also pointing out the key differences both face. In Sojuner Truth “Ain't I a Woman” expresses that she feels as a black woman she is not not cared for enough . Contrary to Truth, Charlotte Stetson “Yellow Wallpaper” conveys how white women are pamper and discern as objects by there husbands. I will also analyze how both of the stories portray women as second class citizens and the affect engenders these women. Both stories depict men as a oppresser. However, “ Ain't I a Woman” illustrates a black women
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