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The item that I chose for my Art History 6K Project is a ceramic plate made in Egypt, or more specifically, Fayyoum. The label accompanying the art piece included a year, 2007, which I assume is the date in which the piece was found. The plate is made of clay, hardened through heat, and finished with a glossy sealer. The color scheme of the plate is very bright and colorful giving off a happy vibe. The ceramic plate itself is an off white color with splashes of blue and green throughout. Due to the bright color composition, it must’ve been used during celebrations of some sort. Despite not able to feel the plate, I assumed the surface to be rough because the plate was covered in tiny holes. At first it appeared to be flecks of paint, however,…show more content…
It could’ve been purposefully done, but judging from how uneven and blotchy the color is, it makes more sense to assume that the area had been worn out. If this is the case then what was placed there that could have created that mark? And what was the purpose of the brown square in the middle of the plate? The outline around the square has a lot of depth so I inferred that the outline was created not through paint but was rather carved out. I thought that the plate could’ve been used for food, however, if it was then there wouldn’t be a need for the brown square in the middle. In general, what was this ceramic plate used for if not for food? Another thing that I found interesting was that in the back of the plate, there are four moon shaped platform to help raise the plate. The platform was placed in the middle and in the formation so that it looked like the corners of a square. I think the reason why the ceramic plate is raised is because it was probably used to hold something important. This work of art relates to a broader religious context because the calligraphy used on it reminds me of the calligraphy used in the Qur’an that we discussed about it
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