Essay On Autobiographies Like American Sniper

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I adore reading autobiographies like American Sniper by Chris Kyle because I enjoy learning another person’s perspective of life and what kind of obstacles they have over to get to the position that they are in. I also enjoy reading political articles from websites like CNN for example because I relish researching what is happening in the United States and around the world and how the economy is structurally running. I prefer writing argumentative essays because I savor trying to influence others why I am above them in certain topics. I am a visual learner and would like to be a part of unified environment which I can work alongside small groups in order to accomplish team tasks. My major is computer science and my goal is to be a software engineer, working at huge industries like Apple or Boeing,…show more content…
Last semester in English 101, every writing assignment I was ever given, I tend to struggle with not rereading my own work for grammar checks, punctuation, and sentence structure and also being a full-time student while working a part-time job gives me less time to complete my work, which is why I always would receive B’s or C’s on each writing assignment. So this semester, I’m committed to not make the same mistake again by making sure I reread my essay before I turn it in and start my assignments ahead of time so I could finish it early. By doing so, this would help me not only get an A in English 103 but, help me when I transfer to a four year university and in applications when I apply for
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