Essay On Battle Of Coral Sea

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The Battle of Coral Sea was a battle that took place during World War 2. Thankfully the Battle of Coral Sea only lasted 4 days. Most people do not know but this was a major naval battle during the World War 2. The battle took place between Australia, New Guinea, and the Solomon Islands.The combatants were the allies of World War II and the Empire of Japan. This battle remains unknown to many people but was one of the most important battles in World War 2. On May 3-4 1942, The Japanese successfully invaded and occupied Tulagi, but the United States sunk/damaged by aircraft from the U.S. fleet carrier Yorktown. Japanese soon became aware of the the United States’ presence. Now aware that the United States carriers were near, the Japanese sent in their Fleet carriers towards the Coral Seas way to …show more content…

Instead, manned aircraft acted as the offensive artillery for the ships involved”. The Battle of Coral Sea also has its own memorial in Australia dedicated to all the people who lost their lives on the sunken ships and severely damaged Fleet carriers. Not to bring in my own perspective or anything, but I just found that this information about the Battle of Coral Sea is extremely fascinating. I honestly don't know how a lot of people did not know about this battle. This was an amazing battle that people lost their lives in to protect their country. The outcome of the Battle of Coral Sea was that the Japanese broke all their defenses in the South Pacific. It was amazing battle that lasted a short period of time (Actually 4 days precisely). Thank God for that. But most importantly the amount of people who died to protect this country. We should thank them for all that they did during this battle. After doing this essay, I was really interested to go and read more, and I really would like to see the Battle of Coral Sea Memorial in the

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