Essay On Beta Endorphins

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I’ve always been interested in how the brain processes things. Whether it’s spending a sleepless night trying to find the chemical way our body produces and stores memories, or trying to find out why ice cream tastes good, I love the brain. When asked to find a research topic I wanted to do some sort of hormone. I first chose endorphins, before realizing what a large group of hormones it was. I felt that given its strong role in pain and mood management, understanding beta endorphins and the mechanisms by which they worked would give me better insight into pain mechanisms and give me a better understanding of how to mitigate pain in potential patients. While some of the information was stuck behind medical journals with paywalls, I was…show more content…
When the body is subjected to stress or pain, the pituitary releases it into the bloodstream. The beta endorphins bind to special receptors in located in the brain, spinal cord, immune system, and adrenal glands. These receptors are known as opioid receptors and can be categorized as binding to several different types of endorphin and opium derivative while being blocked by the chemical naloxone. When bound to these receptors, they produce an inhibitory effect on the neural pathways for pain, reducing the effect and perception of pain. When there is a high enough quantity in the body, this can also cause a sensation colloquially known as “runner’s high”. This is a euphoric state usually caused by extreme exercise. I believe the natural glow and warm feeling that a woman has after childbirth can also be contributed partially from the effect of beta endorphins on the body, as childbirth is one of the most extreme things that can happy to a body. This hormone is also found in the body when we laugh, during sex, eat spicy foods, listen to emotionally complex music, and in small amounts in the bloodstream doing regulatory jobs. Independent of the pain reduction effects, Beta endorphins have an interesting effect on other parts of our body
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