Essay On Blindness In Oedipus

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Oedipus inner blindness led him to his downfall by his bad temper, being naive and his pride. Having a serious temper causes a lot of problems and conflicts with others. A temper can a negative effect on your life. This is how oedipus killed his own father [King Laius]by road raging. There are many negatives outcomes from having a temper tantrum. Being angry without control can cause you to harm others. Oedipus should've tried to control his anger.
This was a big essential to his character downfall causing this to be a tragic flaw. Because of having a serious temper people won’t ask to do anything with you or invite you to anything with them flaws. Oedipus lost his best friend creon too to his temper because he accuses creon of treason and was very angry with him. Luckily he didn’t kill creon. After meeting with teirasus and getting embarrassed he started getting very angry with him.
Oedipus has inner problems this is a key point in one of his inner blindness.also oedipus denys fate a lot even when the pieces of the story fits very well. Being naive to teiresias oracle he could’ve changed the outcome of the oracle. Oedipus, now even more enraged, accuses Creon and Teiresias of framing him in order to seize the throne. Oedipus threatens Creon with death. This shows that he doesn't believes creon and this shows the downfall of their friendship.

Another thing oedipus is naive about

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