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The title of the chosen article is Has the incidence of brain cancer risen in Australia since the introduction of mobile phones 29 years ago? by Simon Chapmana, Lamiae Azizia, Qingwei Luoa, Freddy Sitas. The link to the journal is . The research question being investigated is if there is an increase in brain cancer from mobile phone usage in Australia. As mobile phone uses in Australia has increased rapidly, there is a popular hypothesis that associated mobile phone uses to brain cancer. This article is written in order to prove or disprove this hypothesis.

Use of Statistics

The first statistic used here is the “Percentage of Australians with mobile phone accounts.” The graph shows the …show more content…

Both of these sources are credible sources which mean the data has good integrity and can be trust. The way the authors uses both graph to give correlation is using an assumption of “To illustrate the purported effect of mobile phones on brain cancer incidence, we assumed a 10-year lag period between exposure to mobile phones, and estimated expected rates per age group over 20 years…” in order to form a conclusion.

According to the article’s study, the incidence of brain cancer only risen in the age group of 70-84 years. As for this age group, they would have been born at the start of the time where mobile phone was just introduced to Australia or even before that thus the authors suspects that this age group would be the least affected by the use of mobile phone. The article concluded that the increased in brain cancer in the age group of 70-84 years is because of improvement in diagnostic acuity thus there is no evidence to support that any rise of brain cancer in any age group are due to increased use of mobile phone in the past 30 years in Australia. Organisation such as mobiles manufacturer would find this article useful as they could improve their product design to be more health friendly or use it to promote that mobile phones doesn’t cause brain cancer. Scientist could

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