Cell Phone Radiation Essay

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Purpose: My purpose is to provide information on cell phone radiation, the risks that can be caused by cell phone radiation, and the potential health problems that could result from this. Details of the topic: I am going to talk about the arguments about how cell phone radiation can affect our lives and whether these arguments are accurate or not. Cell phone radiation is a type of electromagnetic radiation that has the ability to cause health issues. The radiation from this device can cause serious brain tumours, according to one study by Anna Lahkola of the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority in Finland, which found that people who use their cell phone for more than 2000 hours have a higher chance of getting a brain tumour. The…show more content…
Cell phones/smart phones would be in the non-ionizing category because they use a low to mid frequency. In this diagram you can see the frequency for cell phones/smart phones is in the range from 0 to 10¹º in hertz (Hz). Furthermore the group also mentioned that, even though the frequency for non-ionizing radiation is less dangerous, it is still possible to have side effects that may affect to our personal lives. There was a class where at the end we had a very brief discussion about radiation from electronics and the topic of cell phones/smart phones was brought up by few students when they were asked about their opinion or personal experience. Some side effects they mentioned from using their cell phones/smart phones constantly were having problems falling asleep along with minor headaches. Reflection: This voluntary assignment helps me because it provides some very interesting facts and debates about the side effects of cell phone/smart phone radiation. In this course we have covered many different kinds of radiation, but we have not talked a lot about the radiation from technology. We presume this kind of radiation is too low to have serious effects on us. However, I remember that I actually had some problems when I used my IPhone (smart phone) two years ago. For instance, I started out with a headache that turned into a very serious
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