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1.3. Broken Family/Marital Breakdown/Family Breakup:
A Broken Family consists of a biological family that has separated for specific reasons that may result in single parent families, step families or blended families.
Concept of Broken Family:
Marriage is a system of binding a man and woman together for the reproduction, care (physical/emotional), and socialization of offspring. Marriage is a social and legal contract between a couple and the state in which they reside that regulates their economic and sexual relationship.
The divorce rate has been on the rise in Pakistan over the last decade. In Lahore city alone more than 100 divorces are registered in family courts in a day. The divorce rate is increasing not only in the upper …show more content…

For it to be regarded as broken, children must be part of, since they are the ones who will sense the impacts of the break-up more than the parents. A family is entirely ruined if the segregation or divorce is done legitimately. As a relationship of couple ends in divorce or separation individual connected to their parents is the very first living soul who is extremely impacted. Most marriages of past were not marked by great happiness, but they were also not full of daily conflict. Modern marriages are different. As many analyst have commented. Contemporary marital unions are being asked to carry too large and emotional burden. Spouses expect more from each other than either can give happiness, fidelity, freedom, and even personal services.
A divorce not only affects the couples own relationship, but it can also affect relationships within a large set of people who had previously considered themselves to be “in-laws”. Relationships between in laws are usually not very close, but where close relationships do develop they are often seen as worth continuing even if the marriage ends.
There is an inverse relationship between income and marital breakdown: the lower the family income, the higher the rate of separation and divorce. Low income can place strain on the marital relationship. In poverty areas, expectations of marital success are lower, as the stigma attached to marital breakdown. Divorce has

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