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With a mischievous smile, Booker quickly stripped off his clothes. Once naked, he settled himself between Tom’s thighs, his rigid cock protruding proudly from a mass of dark curls, his dark eyes shimmering in the light from the bedside lamp. Keen to get things moving, he took hold of Tom’s left ankle and carefully unlaced his boot. It took several tugs to liberate it from Tom’s foot, but once free, he tossed it to the floor, along with his sock. After repeating the process with the right boot and sock, he cradled Tom’s foot in his hand and lightly peppered the sensitive sole with soft kisses before taking the big toe into his mouth and sucking deeply. The bridge of Tom’s nose wrinkled in delight, and his body squirmed beneath the tender …show more content…

Beneath him, Tom squirmed, desperate for his lover’s hot mouth to consume him, but Booker ignored him. He wanted the moment to last, and taking his time, he unzipped Tom’s jeans, one agonizingly slow tooth at a time. Once unfastened, Tom decided to speed the process up, and lifting his hips, he shoved down the binding denim. Amused, Booker took his time releasing Tom’s legs, his brows pulled together in mock concentration. He knew he was toying with Tom, but the sexual hunger burning in his lover’s eyes had him savoring every moment. Tom wanted him, he needed him, and Booker was going to make sure every touch, every sound burnt into his memory so he could relive their first time over and over again, until the day he departed the mortal coil.

Free from the offending denim, Tom pushed down his boxers, revealing his magnificent erection. Now liberated, it lay flat against his belly, the bubble of pre-cum glistening on the head just begging to be licked. Unable to resist the erotic sight, Booker untangled Tom’s legs from his underwear and pressing his tongue against the underside of the hard shaft, he trailed a wet path along his lover’s penile raphe before devouring the saliferous fluid weeping from the shiny head. Once again, long fingers tangled in his hair, rougher this time, pushing him down, the urgency behind the action sending shivers of arousal down Booker’s spine. He was careful not to

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