Describe Benihana As An Operating System

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1. Describe Benihana as an operating system. Draw a process flow diagram.
In a general sense, Benihana’s operating system is comparable to your typical American dining restaurant, except that the main entrees are cooked in front of the patrons, which stands as their core differentiator. Since we are given a broad sense of the times for each process, it is most valuable to evaluate their operating system as a process flow (below) based on the experience from the moment the customers walks in to the time they leave.

Upon entering and announcing themselves, they can either wait or defer to the lounge for alcohol. Once seated by the waitress, their order is placed, including beverages, soup and salad. After a brief wait, the orders are
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To owner, Rocky Aoki and his team, their understanding on consumer patterns became their advantage; the consumer’s distrust of exotic food and their enjoyment of eating in exotic surroundings, and the customer’s interest in watching their food cooked. Though unique, this system allows the business for greater control on the flow and options given to the customer.
On the menu, a variety of appetizers, soup, salad and beverages are offered; however, the limited option to the main entrée: steak, shrimp or chicken allows for the business to control their food expense at a minimal rate of 30-35% in sales. Consequently, less options also equates to less waste since there’s less to prep and the majority of each ingredient is utilized for show or consumption (i.e. end pieces of steak is used for show and rarely eaten). When prepped and brought out, the chef does not risk using too much or too little ingredients since it is all portioned and easily prepped to order in the kitchen.
As part of the experience, more attentive service is given to the patrons, whereby a waitress and chef is designated for each party. Since there are only two tables - with each table serving up to eight patrons at a time - the waitress and chef are not overwhelmed. The direct attention given to the patrons by the chefs is savored by patrons; Rocky prides the company’s extensive three-year formal
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