Essay On Byatt's Inpiratory Moment For Possession

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Byatt identifies an inspiratory moment for Possession as the time she saw a well- known Coleridge scholar working in the British library and “mused that much of what she {Byatt} knew of Coleridge had been filtered through that individual … ‘I though, it’s almost like a case of demonic possession, and I wondered, has she eaten up hers?’” Byatt thought of writing a novel based on the Browning’s but conclude that she couldn’t do it “because, (A) the Browning scholars might sue for libel, and (B) that left me no room for invention.” She adds that she wanted to portray Browning “with the kind of warmth of a Shakespearean comedy.” She also says Possession: A Romance was “partly provoked” by John Fowle’s The French Lieutenant’s Woman.
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