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On Friday, May 26th, I went and visited the California Science Center. The California Science Center has a lot of exhibits regarding biology such as the rot room, ecosystems and kelp center. The admission to the California Science Center itself is free and requires no ticket with the exception of special exhibits. When I visited the center on friday, I visited the whole center, with the exception of the new exhibit called the Body World: Pulse. During my visited I learned the difference between the Arctic and Antarctica and how both are typically confused because they are both cold, windy and dry. However, the Arctic is ocean surrounded by land and Antarctic is land surrounded by ocean. Besides, geographical differences, population is …show more content…

It was strange experience touching animals that were alive, they almost seemed fake. In elementary school, I remember doing this same activity. In this exhibit I learned that animals have a tear shaped body to reduce resistance to ocean movement. The Center also has a small exhibit that talks about the deep ocean. The deep ocean, a common mystery, had very little exhibit information besides interesting samples of animals that live in the deep ocean. The samples were very small and colorless. In fact, the exhibit mentioned that these creatures lived under very high pressure and darkness. There were various samples that demonstrated the great amount of pressure the deep ocean has. Several students dropped styrofoam cups and heads to the ocean and were received fully crushed and in miniature form. However, what I found most interesting was the fact that as pressure increases, buoyancy decreases. This was exhibited through an activity they had which had a balloon in a water tank and as you manually increased the pressure up to 20 psi, the balloon sinked to the bottom of the tank. What I found the most interesting was a small part of the kelp center that had a breeding tank of Brine shrimp. The shrimp were tiny specks and under a microscope were tiny, clear objects that floated. The center had two sets of funnels side by side, one for adult shrimp and one for hatching shrimp. They both were simultaneously working

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