Essay On Can Women Have It All

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This week’s discussion is a very touchy, hot topic – can women “have it all”. The reading on Marissa Mayer was interesting. I have a very vague recollection of Ms. Mayer and the controversy surrounding her maternity leave, but had never really heard the story in full. The action of building a nursery in the office and banning work-from-home options seemed very elitist to me –since she has the power and money, Ms. Mayer will do as she pleases but too bad for everyone else. The needs of others didn’t really come into play. I am not really shocked that she did this, she sounds like the type of CEO that makes things happen to benefit her with little regard to what others may need. I think that because Ms. Mayer is a woman, others …show more content…

In my own story, I have had it all and almost lost it all, this has drastically changed my outlook on what “it all” really is. Before I had my children I had a fantastic career as a physical therapy assistant, I was financially independent, and was at a high point of my career. But work wasn’t a very big priority for me; I really preferred my down time to work time. When I had my oldest daughter my husband and I looked at our budget and found that if I kept working I would be spending the majority of my pay on childcare. We had no family around to help out with childcare duties so the choice was made that I would stay home. I was a stay at home mom for about ten years – and I loved every minute of it! For me, that was my “having it all”. When my girls were really young we went to both mommy and me activities, as well as making our own fun. When they started school I was active in the PTA and had a multiple volunteer jobs that I did during the day while our girls were in school. My schedule was my own, and I was able to do many things that were just about my interests, as well as introduce the girls to volunteerism.

Then about 5 years ago my husband’s long buried mental health issues erupted and changed everything. I ended up separated, trying to piece together part time jobs to make ends meet and also be an emotion support for the girls as well as my husband. After many ups and downs, we stayed together, but we needed to

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