Equality Between Women And Men Essay

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Equality between Women and Men, or Gender Equality, means equality of rights and freedoms. For equal opportunities for participation, recognition and appreciation of women and men, In all areas of society, political, economic, labor, personal and family.

Thus, more and more profound changes are taking place in the traditionally and social construction of gender roles according to sex, leading to a conception of the masculine and differentiated and hierarchical in terms of importance, according to which they were attributed to the man roles and responsibilities in the public domain, livelihoods, and results orientation, Competitiveness, and strength, and to women 's private, home-based and family-based roles, on the basis of In more emotional and relational characteristics
In fact, new realities to this commonly accepted concept of the "familiar model" appeared, because of various changes in family structures, which allow us to recognize the existence not of one but of several "family models" (single-parent families, reconstituted families, families of dual professions) in which the dominant emphasis is on the fact that both elements of the couple to have an active attitude towards work, with women taking a more participation in the public sphere.
Speaking about Gender Equality today is so fundamental, especially if we observe that the Women 's participation in the labour market was not accompanied by growth of men 's in the family role.

The gender equality is a very
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