Essay On Centralized Law Enforcement

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Over the years, the debate on whether the Department of Law Enforcement in U.S. should be centralized or not continues to be a contentious issue. Both centralized and decentralized forms of administration have their own advantages as well as disadvantages. The U.S. currently has a decentralized police administration structure, which has received equal measure of admiration as well as criticism. As a member of Congress, my staff assistant’s proposal to nationalize law enforcement throughout the United States brings with it meaningful insights which need to be analyzed before coming up with an informed conclusion. This essay will therefore analyze some of the benefits of such a proposal, as well as the shortcomings, not forgetting how different groups will perceive it.
Undesirable Consequences of Nationalizing Law Enforcement
To begin with, a centralized law enforcement department will be somewhat be distant from the community. …show more content…

This will lead to accountability problems whereby the police can misuse the public funds. The public need to have their say on police operations in order to promote efficiency. (Gaines & Worrall, 2011) Consequently, anarchy can arise within the department whereby the police can engage in corruption activities, abuse of power and indiscipline as the public is not holding them accountable as much as it should be. Another crucial problem will be exploitation and manipulation from the central government. Since a centralized police department will be receiving funds and other resources from the national government, the political leaders at the top of the federal government might start using their influence and power to manipulate police operations.
Positive Aspects Nationalizing Law Enforcement
The proposal to centralize law enforcement depart is not all disadvantageous as it has some benefits that come with

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